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James to work with The Globe Business College Munich

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We were delighted this week to have spoken with the Globe Business College Munich where James our CEO was interviewed by students at the invitation from Dr Susan Walsh and Jennifer Cole as a special guest at their ‘Date with the Dean’ discussion. Students were keen to discover what it’s like to work in the world of luxury and lifestyle as an entrepreneur,  James’ background and journey to where he is now, and ultimately what the driver is for success.

James said: ‘It’s always rewarding to chat with students to discover their life goals and ambitions, but also to breakdown some of the myths around life in business, how to make money and how to sustain it. With the world of social media and luxury lifestyles on public display daily, it’s often assumed it’s an easy path to reach your goals, when actually the dreamy pictures of a luxury Instagram lifestyle mask a daily routine of sacrifice, hard work and a million other emotions. The path is not an easy one, but this is why I created the kick-starter course ‘Success Accelerator’ that explores all of these topics and many more from my real-life experience.’

We are delighted that James and the JWP Group will be mentoring at least one lucky student from The Globe Business College as part of the JWP Academy and Phillips Foundation, building on our work with the La Salle Institute in New York.

The Globe Business College aim is to develop students who can combine the science and art of business. So graduates, who in addition to their formal academic qualifications, have the ability to think on their feet, operate in dynamic environments, have great people skills, communication abilities and are driven by a growth mind-set. That vision has materialised into a college that is filled with individual students who benefit every day from a unique educational approach. This uniqueness comes from the fact that at the core of everything they do is a relationship model that puts the individual at the centre.





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