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JWP Media Group and The Global Education Initiative New York

la salle institute new york

JWP Media Group links the UK to the USA with a flying visit to The La Salle Institute New York to inspire young American students.

James Phillips, New York

Photography: Sarah Martino Photography

Sitting on the plane back to London high over the Atlantic, it dawned on me what we had all achieved. To bring international businesses together to journey to America to give advice and guidance to students at a critical time in their lives, was not only mind blowing but tremendously humbling. To have been invited to participate, and now help to drive this initiative forward globally, is one of, if not the biggest achievement in my life so far. The memories and images taken that day will live with me forever. If 1% of anything I said is absorbed by the boys, and they decide to choose a path in life they never thought of before, then that in itself is an incredible achievement.

la salle institute new york

Panel of invited business owners.

As part of our work with La Salle, myself and the JWP Foundation have been introducing international businesses and worthy organisations to the La Salle college as part of the Global Business Education Initiative (GBEI) ‘bringing the real world into the classroom,’ including Inspire Me Travel, The Jubilee Sailing Trust, and Lajabu Seven.

la salle institute new york

Cadets at La Salle

La Salle Institute is an independent, Catholic college preparatory school serving young men in grades six through twelve founded in 1850 to serve the growing immigrant population coming into Troy, NY. Mike Levy head of the business unit, and James Phillips have partnered to take the Global Business Education Initiative onto the international stage.

James Phillips with the trustees of La Salle and Mike Levy

On Monday 9th March we all gathered with other US-based companies including Bolsa Nova Handbags, Raine Magazine, Excel Aquatics, Barkeater Chocolates, Sumark Federal Credit Union and Saratoga Warhorse.

Karen Slater, Inspire Me Travel from the UK

Based in the large sports hall at La Salle, we had a panel discussion and Q&A with the students, and then round table discussions with a link up between the US and UK via a live pod cast with Essex Business Radio.

la salle institute new york

Round table discussions with Kevin Kearney Excel Aquatics

All the boys were keen to ask questions from how to set up a business, how to choose a business idea, and what it’s like out there in the real world.

Invited business owners with the Principal at La Salle and Mike Levy

Breaking down the myths of being an entrepreneur and starting a business internationally was very rewarding but not as much as listening to the boys and giving them solid advice and tips to help mould their decisions that will shape their choices as adults.

la salle institute new york

Discussions with James Phillips, JWP Media Group

Our aim is to roll this out internationally to supplement schools and colleges work experience programmes. Bringing the real world into the classroom surely is an innovative, forward thinking and sensible way forward for education in the 21st century.

I wish to express my thanks once again to Mike Levy, and his vision, The Principal and trustees of La Salle, and most importantly the boys.



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