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The Global Business Education Initiative (GBEI)

“Bringing the real world into the classroom.”


For 7 years, the Business Program of La Salle Institute has been bringing the real world of business into the classroom by providing authentic business opportunities to the students of the school’s marketing classes.  The marketing students at La Salle have the unique opportunity to work on projects for companies from around the world.  To date, La Salle students have worked with over 60 companies in 13 countries.  The projects the students have worked on are everything from logo and website design to full scale marketing plans.

The Global Business Education Initiative is the next step for this innovative program, bringing together the global business community and La Salle Institute business students in a collaborative environment.  The global business leaders attending this event recognize the importance of working with students during high school.  The hands-on methods and processes learned in the classroom will help the students become effective business leaders in the future. The long-term goal is to develop collaborative environments within business education programs at schools around the United States and globally.

Marketing classes at La Salle Institute include 3 years of related academic work and real-world collaboration.  The program allows students to take classroom theory and put it into practical application by working on projects for companies from around the world.  This culminates in the Advanced Marketing class that has the students creating a portfolio of the work they have done, including their spring trip to the Youth Education Series at Disney World, an annual event at La Salle.  When students finish La Salle’s marketing program, they come out ahead of their contemporaries in academics and in practical experience, making them ready for college and career.

JWP Media Group and the GBEI

James W Phillips became involved in the GBEI in 2018 and flew out to meet Michael Levy and the students at La Salle in March 2020 and together with Mike, are both driving the GBEI forward to bring in more business leaders and to roll the initiative out worldwide. The students are also involved in the JWP Media Groups’ magazine ‘Relentless’

To become involved in the GBEI, please contact Mike Levy at: