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Exciting Partnership with Lajabu Seven’s ChildFund Project

Being a luxury brand comes with a lot of responsibility. Amongst key responsibilities such as creating sustainable manufacturing and creating great labor conditions for example. One of the most important responsibilities for one of our valued brand partners, Lajabu Seven, is to create a future for those that appreciate help and welcome health. Mostly those who don’t have it.

We are, therefore, very proud to promote a great cause by Lajabu Seven who have entered a partnership with ChildFund Germany for a specific and dedicated project that will help fund and bring to life their project in Africa.

In this project they are building a well for the children and families in a small village near Lusaka, Zambia. The children and families in this village have to walk more than 4 miles each and every time they want to have access to clean water and they do this at least twice every day, on foot.

If they are too tired or sick, such a walk can have a tremendous effect and end badly for those that require the clean water the most. Other than this spot, there is only dirty water around, no clean groundwater anywhere nearby.

This is exactly why Lajabu Seven decided to help everyone in this village to gain access to clean water through a well.

Of course, to make sure that everyone involved in this project knows how to operate the well and that the village takes full responsibility for their well and keep it tidy, clean and functioning, the well will be built both by the families in the village and with the help of members of the charity organization ChildFund.

Why does all that matter to you?

Lajabu Seven are donating 5% of the total of your order to this dedicated project. You are not only gifting your loved ones a great piece of luxury or enjoy this great piece of luxury yourself but you are actively making this world a bit better!

Because in the end, every cent helps. It doesn’t matter if you donate $5 or $5000. Everything helps in making this project come true and every small step towards making this world a better place is a very important step.

Because you are Lajabu Seven and we stand for a better world together.

  • Who do you help?
  • You are helping the school kids have clean drinking water in the heat and during pauses and school breaks.
  • You are helping the families to provide, cook and wash with clean water.
  • You are helping to reduce the risk of infectious diseases through dirty water.
  • You are helping to make dozens of children and families happy and grateful.
  • If that is not motivation enough, we can’t help you!


Thank you very much for your support!
And if you have any question regarding this topic or any other topics, please feel free to contact Lajabu Seven.


For a better world with Lajabu Seven



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