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JWP Foundation Links up Jubilee Sailing Trust to New York School

We are proud to have recently linked up the Jubilee Sailing trust UK with the Business Unit at the La Salle Institute in New York.

As part of our work with La Salle,  James Phillips and the JWP Foundation have been introducing international businesses and worthy organisations to the La Salle college as part of the Global Business Education Initiative (GBEI) ‘bringing the real world into the classroom.’

La Salle Institute is an independent, Catholic college preparatory school serving young men in grades six through twelve founded in 1850 to serve the growing immigrant population coming into Troy, NY. Mike Levy head of the business unit, and James Phillips have partnered to take the Global Business Education Initiative onto the international stage.

The Jubilee Sailing Trust has a unique mission, to give people of mixed abilities and circumstances the freedom to explore their ability, potential and place in the world through inclusive adventures at sea.

This collaboration is currently exploring ideas to work together and the possibilities are truly exciting, giving both parties platforms in their respective countries, and to include the students at La Salle in future marketing projects with the JST.

Claire Sandham from the JST told us:

‘I’ve been able to brief the students via Mike (who I’ve spoken to a few times) and took part in the live Q&A. I’m interested in understanding from the boys their impressions on us, and have also set them more specific tasks such as how can we appeal to a younger demographic / which organisations and influencers should we be targeting to expand our reach etc. I’m looking forward to having their eyes on our marketing challenge!’

We shall be reporting more around this exciting collaboration over the coming weeks.


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