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Isabell Kristensen Fashion Show

Photography and Video production by Israel Singer and Jay Modi ‘The Driven’

As the thousands of lights from late night office workers lit up the streets of London, the Mercedes drew up to collect James to take him to the new season collection fashion show by the beautiful Isabell Kristensen at BAFTA.

The new Mercedes swept through the busy streets, James felt at ease surrounded by luxury and refinement. This is luxury, feeling comfortable, safe and relaxed.

As BAFTA drew near, time was ticking, in between updating his Instagram and checking the time, outside the London traffic began to slow, and James looked at his watch once more, he hates to be late. In-fact James spends most of his time under time pressure, the urgency of progress is ever present.

Then BAFTA came into view, crowds were gathered outside, the Mercedes slowed to a stop, the door was opened and James stepped out just in time, the fashion show was about to begin, the guests, celebrities and news media were already seated, and straight away the show began.

The new collection was of course, stunning in its craftsmanship, design and femininity. Isabell, one of the nicest people you will ever meet, and her team, Martin and Radhika were on hand to offer warm smiles and conversation at the after party and photo call with celebrity guests and a film to celebrate the Isabell Kristensen jewellery partner, Bykovs.

James would next meet Isabell in the beating heat of the Cannes film festival, and what a week that was.. villa parties, the Jacksons and the Palm Dog Awards – on the beach!


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